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Leveraging the Internet of Things for a More Efficient and Effective Military
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Date : 2017-05-14
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The CSIS Strategic Technologies Program is hosting a launch event for their September report, Leveraging the Internet of Things for a More Efficient and Effective Military. The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the way organizations communicate, collaborate, and coordinate everyday business and industrial processes. While the Department of Defense (DoD) pioneered many of the core technologies that serve as the foundation of IoT, today the U.S. military is struggling to keep pace with commercial IoT development.

In the report, Denise E. Zheng and William A. Carter of CSIS examine how the military can better leverage internet of things (IoT) technologies to deliver new capabilities and cost savings. On Tuesday, November 10 experts will discuss the report and its recommendations, and participate in a question and answer session about DoDs efforts to adopt IoT technologies which are becoming increasingly central to enhancing combat effectiveness.

Sean O'Keefe
Distinguished Senior Adviser, CSIS

Opening keynote:
General James E. Cartwright (USMC, ret.)
Harold Brown Chair in Defense Policy Studies, CSIS

Curtis W. Dukes
Director, Information Assurance Division, National Security Agency

Chris Smith
Vice President, Technology, AT&T Government Solutions

Moderated by:
William A. Carter
Research Associate, CSIS

Closing keynote:
Richard Hale
Deputy Chief Information Officer for Cybersecurity, U.S. Department of Defense
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