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Alif - OpenFlow Controller and Switch Overhead Reduction for SDN-based Data Center Networks
By : Alif Akbar Pranata
Date : 2018-01-20
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This thesis proposes a framework on controller and switch to reduce its overhead for SDN-based Data Center Networks (DCN). The proposal mainly works towards OpenFlow (OF), as the well-known, sophisticated protocol for SDN nowadays, to reduce the number of control message, consisting of both PACKET_IN and PACKET_OUT message by OF controller, during rule installation on OF switchs flow table. The controller receives the first packet of a flow for forwarding path determination and selectively choose switches for rule installation. Moreover, to ensure lower load that the controller should handle, the proposed framework sticks on the use of out-of-band controller and avoids hybrid architecture. An extensive simulation shows significant results on reduced controller workload, as seen in the controller with lower control message. It also proves that the controller installs a small number of flow rules, and the rule matching rate is improved, conserving more available resource.
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