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Riesa Krisna Astuti Sakir's Portfolio
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Date : 2020-09-11
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Riesa's Portfolio:
1. Conferences
- Navigation Control of Autonomous Vehicle Based on Fog Computing for Industrial Internet of Things(KICS Fall 2018)
- Fog Node-based Fault Detection Mechanism for Industrial Internet of Things (KICS Winter 2019)
- Traffic Light-based Dynamic Scheduling using Fixed Priority Algorithm (KICS Summer 2019)
- UAV-assisted Real-time Data Processing using Deep Q-Network for Industrial Internet of Things (ICAIIC 2020)
- Adaptive Traffic Light System of Four-Phase Intersection using Reinforcement Learning (KICS Summer 2020)

2. Jurnals
- Enhanced Faulty Node Detection with Interval Weighting Factor for Distributed Systems (Journal of Communication and Networks: under review for 1st revition)
- Deep Reinforcement Learning for Traffic Signal Optimization in Edge-based Traffic Control System (Future Generation Computer Systems: Rejected)
- An Edge Computing Enabled Traffic Prediction using Fraction of Connected Vehicle (Target: Elsevier Information Processing Letters)

3. Projects
- Drone
- 3D Printing

4. Thesis
- Cooperative Computation of Hierarchical Edge Framework for Real-time Traffic Prediction in Smart City (Target: IEEE Transaction on Intelligent Transportation Systems)