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AIM: Auto Integrated Mining
By : Saviour
Date : 2021-12-08
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I. S. Igboanusi, R. N.l Alief, M. R. R. Ansori, Allwinnaldo, and D.-S Kim, \textquotedblleft{AIM: Auto Integrated Mining Code, Networked Systems Lab, posted 20.10.2021, accessed dd.mm.yyyy,} \textquotedblright \emph{\url{http://nsl.kumoh.ac.kr/include/sub.php?m=134\&mode=Read\&serial\_no=202009030001\&com\_id=bi0001\&menu\_cd=30\&class\_cd=106\&Page\_Num=\&left=\&item=\&find=\&m=134}}

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This work aims to reduce transaction time by integrating the mining process with the transaction to reduce transaction time. We also to reduce the overhead of mining in a private network, by reducing the production of empty blocks in the network which saves both energy and storage space. We pro-posed an Auto Integrated Mining (AIM) algorithm which starts the miner only when there is at least one pending transaction in the network, and stops mining as soon as the pending transactions are mined.
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