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A Framework of Concept Complexity-based Personalized E-learning System
By : Enkhzul
Date : 2019-04-23
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Personalized learning allows individual learner to be taught and assessed in ways that are appropriate and comfortable for that learner. It allows teaching to be carried out in several ways in order to increase the scope of learning. Personalized learning is an important aspect of e-learning systems because no particular learning path will be adequate for all learners. Hence, this research paper presents a framework of concept complexity-based personalized e-learning system. Some existing works on personalized e-learning have dealt with learners preference without considering the complexity/difficulty level of the course concepts and the degree of relationship that exist between the various course concepts. Other works also prevented the students from gaining the freedom to rearrange the course concepts in the most individually preferred order. Hence, this affects the learning ability and the overall performance of learners. Therefore, by allowing the learners to know the complexity/difficulty level of each of the course concepts and giving learners the freedom to rearrange the course concepts in the order they will like to learn will not only improve the learning ability of learners but will also give personalized e-learning an edge.

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