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Iyoga Don Frima Tarigan and Dong-Seong Kim, "Performance Analysis of Cluster Server based on Storage Area Network (SAN)", Jurnal Teknologi (ISSN: 0127-9696), pp. 85-88, 2015.
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Date : 2016-05-04
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This paper provides a performance analysis of cluster server based on storage area network (SAN). SAN has the high-speed dedicated network consisting of servers and storage. Generally, SAN is connected via fibre channel (FC), meanwhile, UTP cable was used in implementation because of limitation of the hardware. In this case, SAN is represented by DRBD (Duplicate Replicated Block Device). The implementation uses three computers, DRBD package and Management Console based on Linux kernel. Linux Ubuntu Server 12.04 x86 is used to support application layer. For testing itself, there are N scenarios (N=11) that frequency of sending the request. Having tested system, data will be gathered such as min/max read, min/max write, and average access time. Finally, there are accomplished the results through sent number of packets which is compared packets sent and number packets. Cluster Server performance is achieved 93.396%, storage area network performance is achieved 29.4945%.

Available online: ResearchGate

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