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Hea-Min Lee, Seung-Han Kim, Joong-Hyuk Cha and Dong-Seong Kim, "MMS over MQTT Protocol for Industrial IoT Platform", CEET'16, MALAYSIA, 12-13 March 2016 (N1&N2).
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Date : 2016-03-18
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In this paper,
MoM(MMS over MQTT) protocol proposed for industrial IoT(Internet of Things)
platform. The MMS(Manufacturing Message Specification), that is used for
conventional industrial platform, can control only one device by one message.
Because of this, when control many devices at same time, message publisher build
message for each target devices. So, unnecessary delay is occurred while
building messages and sending messages. And industrial devices, which use
private IP(Internet Protocol) address, cant use MMS and it is not commensurate
with industrial IoT platform. So, MQTT(MQ Telemetry Transport) is introduced
for overcome these weakness. Proposed scheme build MMS packet and using MQTT
for communication. For implement test bed, intel edison board is used. Test bed
communicate each other and actuators are controlled by value of sensors.