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Trung-Thanh Ngo and Dong-Seong Kim, "Design and Implementation of a long-range wireless tethering selfie camera system using WSN", (R) IEEE Transaction on Consumer Electronics, 2017
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Date : 2017-10-14
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This paper proposes a WSN-based long-range wireless tethering system (WSN-SELFIE) that implements the novel idea of GIGA-SELFIE system, which is capable of taking selfies and landscape photos from long distances. On WSN-SELFIE, a low-power wireless sensor network using NRF24L01 transceiver modules is used to provide long-range communication between a camera and a sensor node. The operating range of WSN-SELFIE can be extended easily by adding more relay nodes to the network. Experimental results show that WSN-SELFIE performs efficiently in terms of network range, end-to-end network delay, and processing time. Moreover, it outperforms commercial photography drones and GIGA-SELFIE in terms of cost and runtime

Submission date: 11-08-2017