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Logging System ȸǷ(151112)
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Date : 2015-12-08
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Logging System ȸǷ(151112)

1. Prepare seminar for DDS monitoring and logging system
2. Because of downsize developer, progress logging system first
3. Notice for develop environment
- Language : C++
- System will construct two kind of program, one is Agent and the other is Watcher
= Watcher will gathering log information from other nodes
= Agent will transmit log file to Watcher
= These program are operate on Window and Linux

= Requirement for Watcher
*Can display information of log file(Directory, Node from)
*Can filtering log file
*Can manage log file

= Requirement for Agent
*Program will installed to all nodes
*It can filtering log file itself

The contents are same with uploaded file
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