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Logging System ȸǷ(160512)
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Date : 2016-05-17
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Meeting with Thales
1. Thread function is suggested.
2. For Avoiding Collision, using random delay in agent before sending data.
3. Directory config file (.xml).
4. Make another class for function (AppendChar).
5. Separate overlap variables(nReqType) and make new class(MsgHeader) for readability.
6. Consider about environment(Windows, Linux..)
7. Subdivide Filtering class as its functions.
8. Subdivide WorkingAgent class as its functions.
9. Add one more function (When user input 'GetAll' command, download all of log in every agent).
10. Make profile for log file directory depend on characteristic of node.
11. Supplement search function
- make category of error, such as network error, file error, etc, and when user use this category for searching log, program display what kind of problem on system(network problem, file problem..)
12. Draw use case diagram and send until 5/19.