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Logging System ȸǷ (161018)
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Date : 2016-10-18
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Discussion with Thales Researcher

Contents of Discussion
Demonstration of S/W Log Debugging Tool

Suggest of Theles Researcher Depend on Demenstration

1. Please test with 200 Agent (1 PC, Run 10~20 Agent)
2. Please change communication protocol(UDP->TCP)
3. Agents has lots of log files(100~1000 files), advanced Agent information request function for huge number of log file.
4. Next time, demonstration in Thales with another researchers
5. When developer download same file, make new file with tag like '_(1)'
6. Please discussion about format of log and tell to us
7. After filtering, display on bottom view
8. Implement 'search in result' function
9. Implement 'Option' function, for choosing design of result display
10. Implement 'Analyze function' for all of log files in folder
11. Implement 'Multi-Filter, Multi-Analyze'
12. Consider about standard log for filtering

Advanced Requirement(Low Priority)
1. Agent resource information gathering in real-time