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Recruiting Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Researcher
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Date : 2010-07-09
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We are recruiting graduate students (M.S and Ph.D) who are interested in networked control systems, Industrial networks, and Real-time systems.

Networked System Lab. (NSL:http://kit.kumoh.ac.kr/~nsl)  supports international cooperation with other countries to accelerate the international researches.  

If anyone who concerned studies at NSL, we will support  their researches and studies through NSL fellowship or government programs.

Positions for 2011 are available in our laboratory. Please send CV to D.-S. Kim (dskim AT kumoh.ac.kr).

Postdoctoral Researcher
Area: Networked Control Systems, Indusrtial Networks, IT integration
See the attached file.

PhD Students
Area : Networked embeded systems, Industrial Networks
Financial support available including living expense and tuition.

MS Students
Area : Electrical and computer engineering
Financial support available  inclusing living expense and tuition

Please contact Prof. Kim (dskim@kumoh.ac.kr) for more information.

Prof. Dong-Sung Kim
D-108, School of Electrical Engineering, Kumoh National Inst. of Tech.,
Gumi-si, Gyungbuk, S. Korea
Tel: 82-54-478-7471

Networked Systems Lab:  http://kit.kumoh.ac.kr/~nsl