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NSL Devices in Cabinet 1 (November 2017)
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Date : 2017-11-12
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The Upper Side of Cabinet 1
No.Device NameQuantity
1Miniature Camera2
2Node Builder3
3USN Evaluation Platform2
5Ether Scope Series II Network Assistant2
6Lon Works Power line Communication Analyzer2
7Device net PCI card2
8Lon Works Power line Coupling Circuit4
9iView Ethernal Oscilloscope Cable2
10P641 Logic Analyzer Probe Instructions8
11Intelligent Ethernet Switch I-FOS2001
12LCD Module20
13SST device net5
16Photo sensor26
17Beckhoff model1
18Ether Cat Beckhoff EK11001
19Device net NA-91116
20DeviceNet Coupler BK52202
21Multi-ICE version 2.2 ARM1
22TCP 0030 120 MHz, 30A AC/DC Current Probe(Tektronix)1
23Device Net Coupler BK31201
24Pomona Differential Voltage Probe1
26Cisco switch1
27Panel View Plus 7001

The Below Side of Cabinet 1
No.Device NameQuantity
1Sensor box 15
2Sensor box 23
3Sensor box 33
4Sensor box 44
5Sensor box 51
6USB 2.05
7Edison Board14
9Rasperri Pi V22
10Rasperri Pi V32
12Zigbee Shield2
13PH Sensor3
14Oxygen Sensor1
15USB Blaster1
16CAN Module4
17DSP Module1

In the Room (Not Inside Cabinet)
NoDevice NameQuantity
1Cisco 2600 Series(in DB118)2
2Turnigy Power Systems(used in drone)4
3Panel View Plus 700(in DB118)4
4Panel View Plus 700(in DB117)1
5SSI 2000 Multifunction Data Acquisition System(in DB118)1

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