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Smart Blender & Whole Slow Juicer(NUC)

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1st Development contents
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Date : 2017-05-01
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*An Extractor

1. Expert for air circulation implementation and design based on 1st year flow analysis result
An extractor
Mechanism production
2. Controller optimization according to country power condition (voltage, frequency) for global market application
3. Application of prototype of foreign matter inflow prevention structure due to mixing of wiper driven screw gear pulp
4. Development of container inlet structure without problems when juicing large material
5. Safe design applying safety input device considering user's safety
6. Application of juice module design technology by screw optimization through analysis of juice net and screw pressure distribution
7. Technology to easily clean module inside after juice and juice
8. Development of function extension module (Citrus Squeeze) for market expansion
9. Development of technology for improving maximum torque characteristics of single-phase induction motor through finite element analysis
10. Development of speed reducer characteristics simulation technology and evaluation technology for efficiency improvement
11. Analysis of juice pressure distribution for design
12. Verification of simulation results and simulation review by flow materials

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