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NUC Application Structure
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Date : 2017-05-11
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O Figure 'Structure of App' refers to the overall composition of the application, and applications are composed of Maintenance, manual controls, thawing, and recipe search functions to provide a variety of means of controlling the blender.

O Application is developed on the premise that there is a blender with temperature, motor and blade sensing sensors, such as the blender block diagram in Figure 'BlockDiagram'.

O Application of the recipe information from the external recipe server to the external recipe server when the application is running in an environment where the Wifi connection is available.

Designed to show the expected usage of the expected recipe in the first screen when the application is running.

The execution button for each function is placed at the bottom of the application for visibility.

The process for connecting to the application during the manufacture process replaces the Bluetooth terminal and replaces it.

Connection with the blender and application is via Bluetooth, placing Bluetooth connections on the right hand side of the application

Check the incoming and outgoing transmissions between the the blender and the application via Bluetooth terminal

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