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[WISET] Meeting with team members 2018.08.30
By : So-Hyang
Date : 2019-05-14
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This is the 7th meeting log with all team members.

- meeting to design the GUI of mobile application

-Software team: (Jung So-hyang, Jung Jae-ha)

-Jae-ha presented his ideas roughly.

-Other guys gave feedback.

-So-Hyang find the iOS image file and how to install VMware to use iOS on the Window OS.

-Hardware Team (Jang Min-hee, Kim Hyung-jin and Do Ye-woon)

-Ye-woon : investigate the sensor module to regulate the electric power of blender and other modules.

-Min-hee : test the bluetooth module and test mobile application.

-Hyung-jin : Extract data by measuring current changes to the oscilloscope by disassembling the blood glucose meter that is actually being sold.

Attachment 1:   ÷ App design__v1.pdf(53.4KB)  
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