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Second design of smart watch project with NUC,LINC+
By : So-Hyang
Date : 2018-07-12
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This is the second design of smart watch app.

Previously we propose the app using smart watch called Samsung gear S3.

However, the cost of gear S 3 is too high.

So NUC require to change wearable device.

We survey the wearable devices.

Finally we select Shaomi band and Fitbit band.

Both of them is cheap and admirable, to make a final decision we need more consideration.

This is the requirement of NUC

-Measures user's health information (gait, blood sugar, heart rate) using a wearable device.

-The steps is measured by pedometer sensor,

-The blood sugar is measured by sweat component sensor,

-The heartbeat is measured by heart rate sensor.

-Analyzed the health information measured through the internal design algorithm.

-Provide users with health information by popup after analysis.

-What is the quality of the recommended information?

-How does blood glucose measurement work?

-Are there any factors to increase competitiveness?

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