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Gashema Gaspard and Dong-Seong Kim "Optimal Sensing and Interference Suppression in 5G Cognitive Radio Networks ",2019 4th International Conference on Communication and Information Systems (ICCIS 2019), December 21-23. Dorsett Wuhan, Wuhan, Hubei,China (N2)
By : Gaspard
Date : 2019-12-14
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This paper proposes a technique to enhance both throughput and sensing time in secondary network under Full-Duplex Cognitive Radio (FD-CR). Subsequently, it overcomes power-throughput trade off which is caused by SI-interference occurs during transmission. To do so, the CR node controls its transmission power over two fractions of frame duration unlike simultaneous sensing and transmission (SST) approach which consists of controlling the entire frame duration. The performance was validated through simulation result using MATLAB simulation environment, then compare these results with that of existing approach (i.e.; SST). It was shown that, the proposed technique significantly outperforms SST in terms of throughput and sensing efficiency.
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