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Asatilla Abdukhakimov, Dong-Seong Kim and Jae-Min Lee, "Noise Generator to Safeguard Against Information Leakage for IoT devices", (R), International Journal of Communication Networks and Distributed Systems, ISSN on: 1754-3924, ISSN p: 1754-3916, 2018
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Date : 2018-02-05
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This paper presents the design and implementation of the noise generator to secure from the information leakage for IoT devices. The safeguarding issues are considered in this paper and the proposed noise generator safeguards data confidentiality by generating an artificial noise. The noise generator broadcasts the same frequency with a strong radio signal in order to thwart communication networks of unauthorized devices in specific places. To address the pressing security issues, we propose the structural scheme and circuit diagram of the noise generator depending on the correct radio frequencies. The testbed execution of the noise generator demonstrates that the proposed device is applicable in the field of information security for many organizations and military smart platforms

Key words: IoT devices, Jammers, Noise generator, Information Security

Submitted date: 30.01.2018
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