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Questions and Answers concerning NSL from candidates
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Date : 2016-01-04
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1) Nature of Research,I mean on which Topics ? We ourselves should select or you will ask each individual for particular topic ?
-> About your research topic, our prof will give you some topics relating to our lab research interest. However, if you are interested in any topics, you can ask prof.

2) Sir can you please mention lab working hour (Lab schedule) ?
-> The lab working hour is from 10am to 9pm.

3) Our confirmed monthly stipend ? one more thing Is there any case to increase stipend ?
-> The monthly stipend for PhD and Master is 700.000 won and 500.000 won, respectively, and it is constant. However, you can be rewarded for several cases mentioned below:
+ 300.000 won and 200.000 won / 1 published SCI journal from university and lab, respectively. (Without limitation)
+ 100.000 won/ 1 published conference paper from university. However, you are only rewarded once in a year although you have more than one published conference paper in that year.
+ International conference fees if you apply visa successfully.

4) What is the structure of my PhD at KIT? How much time (Semesters/Years) is assigned for course work and research work at your lab
-> in KIT you have to do course work and research in Lab. Normally it takes 4 years (depend on Professor and your progress).

5) Research at NSL lab is theoretical just or it is practical as well? i mena just simulation based research is being conducted or lab equipment/testing etc is also in NSL lab?
-> you can do both (Pratical and Theoritical), depend on your interest. If you need hardware for your research, Prof. will provide it for you.

6) What is the nature of research being conducted in NSL lab? Although i have visited NSL lab website http://nsl.kumoh.ac.kr/thoroughly but I want to inquire more about it?
-> Generally, our lab focus on Military and Industrial Networks. But you can do the other topic (you have to discuss with Prof. Kim).

7) What are Job prospects, scope after my PhD in South Korea?
-> When NSL member graduate from KIT, usually Prof. ask them about job. Where they want to do the job? here or in their own country? If they want to get a job here, Prof. will find the company which is suitable for them, or they can find a job by themselves

8) Please guide me about accommodation other than dormitory, about food and their cost per month?
You can rent apartment near our University, the rent fee around 350k won. for the food, you can easily buy in the market or online shop.
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