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Date : 2018-01-04
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Comments from the editors and reviewers:
-Reviewer 1


Overall, it proposes a good algorithm for 802.11n systems.
However, the idea is marginal and the analysis as well as simulation results lacks depth, so they are not convincing.

-Reviewer 2

1. Please re-write the last two sentences in abstract. Current one is not well-written for highlighting the proposed scheme.

2. There are many typos and errors in the text, please correct that.

3. What is algorithm 1 in the RT-CRS feedback section?

4. What is reference 11? this is not in the list.

5. Rewrite the subsection titled Shape shifting trffic scheme. Please clarify which one is previous work and which one is proposed work.

6. In the simulation part, please clarify the benefit of the proposed scheme, X% of gain or Y% of loss.