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Gaspard Gashema, and Dong-Seong Kim :"Optimal Sensing and Interference Suppression in 5G Cognitive Radio Networks".Physical Communication
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Date : 2018-10-29
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Ref: PHYCOM_2018_585
Title: Optimal Sensing and Interference Suppression in 5G Cognitive Radio Networks
Journal: Physical Communication

Dear Professor Kim,

Thank you for submitting your manuscript to Physical Communication. I regret to inform you that your manuscript did not pass the first filtering process because the required quality standard of this journal is not met and we must therefore reject it. The paper is checked for its originality, for the topic, the depth of the solutions, evaluations, etc and when it is decided that the paper has no chance to be processed then it is rejected right away. This first filtering process helps the authors and also Editors as well as the referees to save their time.

*** The amount of novel contribution is very limited -- not suitable for this journal (as we do not publish letter type manuscripts). Much of the paper is reviewing other results and presenting background material (with only one page devoted to the new scheme). Also, the mathematical model section has a similarity with another paper, suggesting that this part (at least the first half) should be rewritten. You are welcome to submit a significantly expanded version of this work to the journal, if you'd like.

We appreciate your submitting your manuscript to this journal and for giving us the opportunity to consider your work.

Kind regards,

Dr. Tolga M. Duman
Physical Communication

Comments from the editors and reviewers:
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