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Asatilla Abdukhakimov, Kumar Nalinaksh, Dong-Seong Kim, "A Reliability Perspective of Distribution Systems in Smart Grid Communication Networks", ICCIS 2018.
By : Asatilla
Date : 2018-11-08
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The ever-increasing demand for electricity has posed
reliability, security, economic and environmental challenges in
front of the current electricity power system. A smart grid
concept is a key solution to these issues because it uses digital
technology to revolutionize the conventional electricity power
system. The electricity power system contains three sections,
namely generation, transmission and distribution. This paper
discusses the important aspects and concepts of the reliability
in the distribution section. Since reliability in distribution
systems (DSs) has always been a major concern for utility
providers, we have surveyed existing reliability methodologies
and recent research works to improve reliability and calculate
reliability indices. The integration of renewable energy sources
(RESs), energy storage systems (ESSs) and distributed
generation (DG) into grid solutions is also considered in this
paper as they can provide reliable power to consumers and
reduce electricity losses, reliance on centralized plants as well
as the environmental impacts. Furthermore, this paper
highlights future challenges and directions in smart grid
communication networks from a reliability perspective.
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