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Da-Hye Kim and Dong-Seong Kim,"Emergency Data Aggregation Scheme for Real-time IWSNs", ICUFN'19, Croatia, 2 July - 5 July, 2019
By : Da-Hye
Date : 2019-04-30
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Title: Emergency Data Aggregation Scheme for Real-time IWSNs

Reviewer(s)' Comments to Author:

Reviewer: 1
Definite reject (1)

The authors proposed the dynamic emergency data transmission scheme for TDMA-based wireless sensor networks.

The authors proposed the concrete protocol, as well as packet transmission/reception timings in the proposed method.

The novelty of the proposed method can not be understood. The reviewer thinks that there are many data aggregation methods proposed in the past literature. Even when the authors utilize the IWSN environment, the fundamentals of data aggregation in wireless sensor networks is quite similar to what is found in the past literature.

Also, there is no evaluation results proposed method in the paper.

Reviewer: 2
Likely reject(2)

The submitted paper shoes a DEDT data aggregation scheme for IWSN.
The final purpose is to support real-time message delivery.
In the analyzed architecture the sink node has the role of establishing the transmission order of the data exchanged with sensors. The latter have to respect the established scheduling.

The subject has a significant importance and the analysis shows interesting results.

The analysis is not complete since it does not include a complete data management system.
Comparison with possible alternatives are not considered. For example, resorting to Kafka or Rabbitmq technologies is currently regarded as cutting-edge solution for decoupling elements and achieving good message delivery performance in distributed systems. A related reading is suggested.

G. Baruffa et al: "A Big Data architecture for spectrum monitoring in cognitive radio applications". Annals of Telecommunications, Volume 73, N. 7-8, 2018, Springer International Publishing.

Reviewer: 3
Accept if room (3)

The paper proposes dynamic emergency data transmission scheme for real-time Industrial wireless sensor network.

TDMA base scheduled access protocol is proposed and the detail process is explained.

No performance evaluation.
How to detect emergency packet request is not clear.