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WILLIAMS, "Experimental DF Joint-Relaying with MIMO-UWB for Wireless Underground Sensor Networks"
By : Williams
Date : 2019-11-05
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Experimental DF Joint-Relaying with MIMO-UWB for Wireless Underground Sensor Networks

Dear Prof. Dong-Sung Kim:


The review of the referenced manuscript, WCL2019-1109, is now complete. I regret to inform you that based on the enclosed reviews and my own reading of your manuscript, I am unable to recommend its publication in IEEE Wireless Communications Letters.

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Additional comments include:

The reviewers' comments are found at the end of this email.

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Dr. Chuan Huang
Editor, IEEE Wireless Communications Letters

Reviewer: 1

Comments to the Author
This letter showed an experimental integration for an DF MIMO scheme, and proposed a scheme to minimize the transmission energy.

1.the forms of abbreviations 's', 'd', 'v', and 'u' are not unified.
2.In (1) and (2), this paper doesn't define the symbols 'cj','cjm', and 'Epm'.
3.In Algorithm 1, please modify 'end' to 'end for'.
4.The Fig. 4 and 5 compare transmission energy 'f1', 'f2', and 'f3', but this paper defines 'f2' and 'f3' only, without 'f1'.
5. Please explain the reasons that the parameters in simulation is different from that in Table 1.
6. In abstract, Is it right that "the proposed scheme achieved higher energy consumption rates"?
7. The representation of this paper have room for improving.

Reviewer: 2

Comments to the Author
This paper seeks to investigate the performance of low-energy detect and forward relaying schemes for wireless underground sensor networks. Several routing schemes are considered and network capacity is depicted.
While the paper may have a genuine contribution, it needs significant improvement in writing and organization, as the current organization is hard to follow and makes it difficult to appreciate the contributions of the work.

In particular, parts (C) and (D) of Section II need to be written more clearly. Many terms from Eq (1) are undefined in the text. The notation overall should be double- checked.

Also, please double check the paper for typos and language issues.