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Sanjay Bhardwaj, Dong-Seong Kim "Dragonfly Approach for Resource Allocation in Industrial Wireless Network", Physical Communication,2020
By : Sanjay
Date : 2020-09-03
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Manuscript Number: PHYCOM-D-20-00042R2  

Dragonfly Approach for Resource Allocation in Industrial Wireless Networks  

Dear Professor Kim,

Thank you for submitting your manuscript to Physical Communication.

I am pleased to inform you that your manuscript has been accepted for publication.  

My comments, and any reviewer comments, are below.   
Your accepted manuscript will now be transferred to our production department. We will create a proof which you will be asked to check, and you will also be asked to complete a number of online forms required for publication. If we need additional information from you during the production process, we will contact you directly.

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Professor Michalis Matthaiou  

Physical Communication

Editor and Reviewer comments: Before submitting the camera-ready version, make sure to address the remaining comments.

Reviewer #1: The authors have successfully addressed the reviewers comments.

Reviewer #2: The authors have fairly addressed my comments in the subsequent revisions. Furthermore, I have the following comments to improve its quality for acceptance.
- The equations are not yet expressed properly. Furthermore, throughout the manuscript, the authors should use ", where" instead of ", Where" after defining the equations.
- In (4), " Therefore, SINR estimations for the relay node $k$ is given by". Please merge (4) and (5) and then define the variables.
- You have not clearly defined latency L in (6). You supposedly mean the overall latency for RN_k, \forall k ? Please clearly mention what exactly is the latency based objective function, what you are trying to do (minimize the overall latency? (7)), in reference with (4)-(7).
- In (19), it should be p_j , not p_m.
- Eqn (28) is vague. How the criteria for selection is defined? The normalizing factors adding up to 1 is not clear to me. The authors should provide any references, or discussions to clarify?