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V. S. Doan, D. S. Kim, "DOA Estimation of Two Correlated Signals Using Covariance Matrix Transformation", The 10th International Conference on ICT Convergence October 2019 / Ramada Plaza Hotel, Jeju Island, Korea
By : V. S. Doan
Date : 2019-10-08
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Recently, the direction of arrival estimation is one of the interesting topics in the radar and communication field, especially in electronic intelligence systems. Many methods have been developed to estimate DOAs of multiple non-correlated and/or correlated signals, but the DOA determination method for multiple correlated signals still have been remained uncompleted. In this paper, an approach using a covariance matrix transformation was proposed to estimate DOAs of two correlated signals for a symmetry linear array. The method was described mathematically and demonstrated by simulation, whose results indicated an advantage to estimate DOAs of correlated signals with higher accuracy and resolution than that of the conventional methods. The proposed method has the potential to solve the problem in the case of multiple correlated and/or non-correlated signals simultaneously in general for the arbitrary antenna arrays.
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