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P. T. Daely and D.-S. Kim, "Node Localization Based on Wild Goats Algorithm for Industrial Wireless Sensor Network", Wireless Personal Comms. Springer, 2020 (Pr)
By : Philip TD
Date : 2020-01-29
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In an industrial wireless sensor network (IWSN), accurate location of each sensor node is crucial to ensure data integrity. By using properties of transmitted signals between unknown nodes and beacon nodes, such as time of arrival or received signal strength, each unknown node can calculate its distance to each beacon nodes and estimate its location. Low computation time is also important as in industrial environment there are many tasks need to be executed in time to maintain the timeliness in an industrial process. This paper proposes node localization scheme with Wild Goats Algorithm (WGA) as the base of algorithm to localize unknown node accurately and efficiently. WGA is a metaheuristic algorithm inspired from behaviors of wild goats when climbing up and down a hill. The simulation results show the potential of proposed localization algorithm in achieving better accuracy compared to other algorithms, although WGA requires slightly more time for computation.

Status history:
- Rejected by Elsevier SWEVO (2019/06/19).
- Rejected by IEEE TII (2020/01/29).
- In progress for Springer WPC.