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Kevin Putra Dirgantoro, Jae-Woo Kim, Jae Min Lee, and Dong-Seong Kim, "Secure M2M Communication of Industrial IoT using Manufacturing Message Specification (MMS) with Blockchain", IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 2020. (S)
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Date : 2020-04-11
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1. Submitted to the Elsevier Information Processing Letter. (Apr 22, 2020)
2. Rejected (out of scope). (May 03, 2020)
3. Submitted to the IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics (Letter). (June 25, 2020)
4. Status: Awaiting Admin Processing (June 26, 2020)
5. Status: In EIC office (June 30, 2020)
6. Status: Assigned to AE (July 02, 2020)
7. Status: Under Review (July 03, 2020)

This letter presents an implementation of Industrial IoT machine-to-machine communication between server and client, which monitored through the Manufacturing Message Specification (MMS) protocol. A virtual manufacturing device (VMD) converted all real objects' values from the sensors into MMS objects' values and declared with its unique object name. The blockchain architecture uses a static difficulty number to store each of the MMS objects' values from the VDM into blocks in the private blockchain network. MMS server will send the transaction hash ($tx.hash$) value of the specific block, which contains the MMS objects values rather than the real sensors' values to increase the data security. Based on the $tx.hash$ value, MMS client can access all the block information in the private blockchain network and the data itself. The proposed framework overcomes the security issues that arise in the MMS protocol and the previous work combining MMS with MQTT, such as replay attack and single point of failure.