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Thien Huynh-The, Cam-Hao Hua, Nguyen Anh Tu, Dong-Seong Kim, "Space-Time Skeletal Analysis with Jointly Dual-Stream ConvNet for Action Recognition ," 2020 International Conference on Digital Image Computing: Techniques and Applications (DICTA), Australia, Nov 29-Dec 2, 2020 (N8, N11) DOI 10.1109/DICTA51227.2020.9363422
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Date : 2020-09-23
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Abstract : In this decade, although numerous conventional methods have been introduced for three-dimensional (3D) skeleton-based human action recognition, they have posed a primary limitation of learning a vulnerable recognition model from low-level handcrafted features. This paper proposes an effective deep convolutional neural network (CNN) with a dual-stream architecture to simultaneously learn the geometric-based static pose and dynamic motion features for high-performance action recognition. Each stream consists of several advanced blocks of regular and grouped convolutional layers, wherein various kernel sizes are configured to enrich representational features. Remarkably, the blocks in each stream are associated via skip-connection scheme to overcome the vanishing gradient problem, meanwhile, the blocks of two stream are jointly connected via a customized layer to partly share high-relevant knowledge gained during the model training process. In the experiments, the action recognition method is intensively evaluated on the NTU RGB+D dataset and its upgraded version with up to 120 action classes, where the proposed CNN achieves a competitive performance in terms of accuracy and complexity compared to several other deep models.

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