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Allwinnaldo, Revin Naufal Alief, Muhammad Rasyid Redha Ansori, Ikechi Saviour Igboanusi, Jae-Min Lee, Dong-Seong Kim, "Lightweight Smart Contract with Project Auction Feature for 3D Object Production", IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management Journal (S)
By : Allwinnaldo
Date : 2022-05-03
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Additive Manufacturing is one of the advanced industrial technology that has people able to create a three-dimensional object with high precision in detail while also having a low waste of raw material for the production process. Advantages of additive manufacturing innovation could not be part of the issues that happened in its industries, such as an unbalanced supply chain and a traditional way to make a transaction by having a deal by face-to-face signature deal to have a trusted transaction. However, it could cost quite some fortune and often only for dealing with a complicated process. A blockchain-based additive manufacturing smart contract allows people to have a simple and trusted transaction for making a 3D object project. Focusing on having a low computational complexity represented as cheap gas cost for deploying and functioning the smart contract also having an auction or bidding features extension that makes the client have the best deal from competitive way among manufacturers and workshops. Furthermore, Adopting blockchain technology allows every transaction on the smart contract to be transparent, auditable, and secured due to its decentralized natural characteristic.