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International Journal Accepted
12  Rubina Akter, Mohtasin Golam, Van-Sang Doang, Jae-Min Lee and Dong-Seong Kim,"IoMT-Net: Blockchain Integrated Unauthorized UAV Localization Using Lightweight Convolution Neural Network for Internet of Military Things", IEEE Internet Things of Journal, December 2021. (Accepted)
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1  Esmot Ara Tuli, Mohtasin Golam, Dong-Seong Kim, and Jae-Min Lee, "Performance Enhancement of Optimized Link State Routing Protocol by Parameter Configuration for UANET", Drones 2022, Vol.6, Issue 1, DOI: 10.3390/drones6010022
International Journal In Progress
10  Allwinnaldo, Revin Naufal Alief, Muhammad Rasyid Redha Ansori, Ikechi Saviour Igboanusi, Jae-Min Lee, Dong-Seong Kim, "Lightweight Smart Contract with Project Auction Feature for 3D Object Production", IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management Journal (S)
9  Muhammad Rasyid Redha Ansori, Allwinnaldo, Revin Naufal Alief, Ikechi Saviour Igboanusi, Jae Min Lee, Dong-Seong Kim, "HADES: Hash-based Audio Detection System for Copyright Protection in Decentralized Music Sharing", IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management Journal (s)
8  Love Allen Chijioke Ahakonye, Amaizu Gabriel Chukwunonso, Cosmas Ifeanyi Nwakanma, Jae Min Lee, Dong-Seong Kim, Classification and Characterization of Encoded Traffic in SCADA Network using Hybrid Deep Learning Scheme. IEEE Internet of Things Journal (S)
7  Ahmad Zainudin, Love Allen Chijioke Ahakonye, Rubina Akter, Dong-Seong Kim, and Jae-Min Lee,"An Efficient Hybrid-DNN for DDoS Detection and Classification in Software-Defined IIoT Networks", IEEE Internet of Things Journal. (S)
6  Goodness Oluchi Anyanwu, Cosmas Ifeanyi Nwakanma, Jae-Min Lee, Dong-Seong Kim, "RBF-SVM Kernel-based Model for Detecting DDoS Attacks in SDN-based VANET", Ad Hoc Networks Journal (Under Review)
5  Gabriel Avelino Sampedro, Danielle Jaye Agron, Jae-Min Lee and Dong-Seong Kim,Exploring Machine Learning-Based Fault Monitoring: Challenges and Opportunities, IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine, 2022(S)
4  Love Allen Chijioke Ahakonye, Cosmas Ifeanyi Nwakanma, Jae-Min Lee, Dong-Seong Kim, "Time-Aware CNN for Efficient Smart Grid Stability Prediction", IEEE Transactions on Power Systems (R)
3  Vivian Ukamaka Ihekoronye, Simeon Okechukwu Ajakwe, Dong-Seong Kim, Jae Min Lee "UAV Assisted Deep Learning Scheme for Real-Time Detection of Tomatoes Diseases " Computer and Electronics in Agriculture(Under Review)
2  Hoa Tran-Dang, Dong-Seong Kim:" Shaping the Future of Logistics", IETE Technical Review (Major Revision)
1  Vivian Ukamaka Ihekoronye, Simeon Okechukwu Ajakwe, Dong-Seong Kim, Jae Min Lee "Aerial Detection and Recognition of Drones and Birds using Convolutional Neural Networks" IEEE Transaction of Vehicular Technology(Under Review)