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By : 관리자
Date : 2008-09-13
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Demo Screen for Execution (Animation)

This screen displays demo executions with animation. Please download the program and do it yourself to try this for more detailed display about the tasks of NC, PLC, Robot, Process Control, Client, etc.
To start to run on the animation, you can download StreamCam Plugin and Active Movie and install them.

Plus, if you are advanced user for MMS, you can make an application program with downloading library and Header files on the spot. For more information, feel free to contact us. We will do our best to satisfy your question.

Note : We recommend you to use Internet Explorer to see the animation file upward. Since the size of the animation file is about 150M, it may be delayed in

(more than 200M for HDD spare space, over 17’ monitors and truecolor 16bit
for the screen setup are recommended.)


데모 시나리오

1. #4 station 에서의 AGV idling 상태에서 데모가 시작한다.
2. #4 station 에서의 pallet loading(#4는 ASRS로 가상한다)
3. #4 station에서 #1 station 으로의 AGV moving
4. #1 station 에서의 pallet unloading
5. #1 station 에서의 NC running(bolt 구멍 drilling)
6. #1 station 에서의 pallet loading
7. #1 station에서 #2 station 으로의 AGV moving
8. #1 station 에서의 pallet unloading
9. #2 station 에서의 6축 로봇에 의한 sample 이송(pallet -> PLC) 
10. #2 station 에서의 PLC running(공압을 이용한 sample cleaning)
11. #2 station 에서의 6축 로봇에 의한 sample 이송(PLC->pallet)
12. #2 station 에서의 pallet loading
13. #2 station에서 #3 station 으로의 AGV moving 
14. #3 station 에서의 pallet unloading
15. #3 station 에서의 4축 로봇 running(bolt assembling)
16. #3 station 에서의 pallet loading
17. #3 station에서 #4 station 으로의 AGV moving 
18. #4 station 에서의 pallet unloading 

(가공이 끝난 샘플을 ASRS에 적재하는 것으로 가상함)

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