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52  Drone-Aided Communication as a Key Enabler for 5G and Resilient Public Safety Networks
51  the future of societies with autonomous Robots.
50  Field Bus New Products – June 2018
49  The next era of drones will be defined by "swarms".
48  Securing Self-Driving Vehicles with Artificial Intelligence
47  Security and Privacy for the Internet of Drones: Challenges and Solutions
46  Foundation Fieldbus Technology(1a.)
45  AI Drone Learns to Detect Brawls: A drone surveillance system trains to watch out for humans stabbing or punching each other
44  Taking Drones to New Heights: Leveraging Networks to Boost UAV Performance
43  Foundation Field-bus Technology(Learning and training on Fieldbus)[5]
42  Foundation Fieldbus Technology(4)
41  Foundation Fieldbus Technology(3)
40  Foundation Fieldbus Technology(2)
39  VANETS: Which to take, 802.11a or 802.11g
38  Foundation Fieldbus Technology(1)
37  Fieldbus diagnostic online solution program establishment at rijeka oil refinery.
36  Dynamic Spectrum Sharing for the Coexistence of Smart Utility Networks and WLANs in Smart Grid Communications
35  "Large-Scale Analysis of Aircraft Transponder Data" by: Martin Strohmeier, University of Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom
34  EtherCAT Communication
33  WAIC(Wireless Avionics Intra-Communications)
31  Flight Control System Architecture Development for A Small UAV Based on Field BUS( ʵ CAN ̿Ͽ α ý Űó )
30  FlexRay Protocol: Objectives and Features
29  Introduction to Controller Area Network (CAN)
28  Utility Network Optimization
27  Overview of the Intelligent Utility Network by IBM
26  Related Conferences and Workshop
25  Vehicle cooperative system
24  V21/V2V Communication
23  WAVE (Wireless Access in the Vehicular Environment)
22  Towred array sonar sensor
21  FCS(Future Combat Systems) Ʈũ
20   ʿ伺
19  Wireless Fiedbus- WirelessHART, ISA100.11a
18  Wi-Htest:Compliance Test Suite for Diagnosing Devices in Real-Time WirelessHART Network
17  Ship- Web page
16  Ship- Web page
15  Ship- Web page
14  Ship- Web page
13  Interbus-S
12  P-NET
10  HART
9  DeviceNet
8  Fieldbus for Millitary Systems(Mil-STD-1533)
6  FIP
5  Bitbus
4  CAN
3  Profibus
2  Foundation Fieldbus
1  Fieldbus Standard and Web sites