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Flight Control System Architecture Development for A Small UAV Based on Field BUS(안정성이 검증된 필드버스인 CAN 을 이용하여 소형무인기의 비행제어 시스템 아키텍처를 구성한 연구사례)
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Date : 2015-08-25
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This paper describes the flight control system interface architecture being developed for a high end small UAV. It emphasizes a small size, light weight, low cost and high reliability. This system employs Controller Area Network to reduce the size, weight and power consumption of the equipment in order to decrease the communication loads of the LRUs. It also achieved the cost saving. Control BUS secure a reliability by using dual and two channel communication BUS. The quality of the communication signals were verified with testing the eye-diagram of CAN.

자동차 및 로봇제어 분야에서 안정성이 검증된 필드버스인 CAN 을 이용하여 소형무인기의 비행제어시스템 아키텍처를 구성한 연구사례
- 비행제어 시스템의 메인 버스로서 필드버스의 적합성을 확인

관련 논문 : http://www.dbpia.co.kr/Journal/ArticleDetail/NODE06294897
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