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Foundation Fieldbus Technology(3)
By : Nwadiugwu Williams P
Date : 2017-05-09
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Control Strategy

Standard Function Blocks is used to implement the Control Strategy.
Many control system functions such as AI, PID and AO can be performed by the field device through the use of these Standard Function Blocks.
Distribution of control into field devices can reduce the amount of hardware and cabinet footprint needed.

Fieldbus Cable

Recommended:-Shielded, twisted-pair cable, designed to a specific impedance to reduce signal reflections and maximize network length
The Fieldbus Foundation has a Cable Specification (FF-844) so look for cable with a check mark

Cable Design -----> Shielded, twisted pair
Conductor Cross Section -----> 0.8 mm 18AWG
Loop Resistance -----> (DC current) 44/km
Impedance -----> @31.25kHz 100 20%
Segment Length (including Spur Length) -----> 1900 m
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