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Guaranteeing Delay of Live Virtual Machine Migration by Determining and Provisioning Appropriate Bandwidth
By : ȫ
Date : 2017-02-10
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Abstract—The proliferation of cloud services makes virtualization technology
more important. One important feature of virtualization is live Virtual Machine
(VM) migration. Two main metrics of evaluating a live VM migration
mechanism are total migration time and downtime. Most existing literature on
live VM migration focus on designing migration mechanisms to shorten the
two metrics or making a tradeoff between them. Few of them can be applied
to applications with delay requirements, such as a VM backup process that
needs to be done in a specific time. This will negatively impact the user
experiences and reduce the profit of cloud service providers. Besides, the
frequently varied bandwidth required by the widely used pre-copy mechanism
is difficult to be provided by current network technologies. In this work, we
theoretically analyze how much bandwidth is required to guarantee the total
migration time and downtime of a live VM migration, and then propose a novel
transport control mechanism to guarantee the computed bandwidth. The
experimental results demonstrate that the bandwidth obtained from the
proposed reciprocal-based model guarantees the expected total migration
time and downtime, and the proposed transport control mechanism ensures
that the live VM migration flow obtains the expected bandwidth even if there
are background flows.
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