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Internet of Things Based Energy Aware Smart Home Control System
By : Nguyen Bach Long
Date : 2017-03-08
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ABSTRACT- The concept of smart home is widely favored, as it enhances the lifestyle of the residents
involving multiple disciplines, i.e., lighting, security, and much more. As the smart home networks continue
to grow in size and complexity, it is essential to address a handful among the myriads of challenges related
to data loss due to the interference and efcient energy management. In this paper, we propose a smart
home control system using a coordinator-based ZigBee networking. The working of the proposed system is
three fold: 1) smart interference control system controls the interference caused due to the co-existence of
IEEE 802.11x-based wireless local area networks and wireless sensor networks; 2) smart energy control
system is developed to integrate sunlight with light source and optimizes the energy consumption of the
household appliances by controlling the unnecessary energy demands; and 3) smart management control
system to efciently control the operating time of the electronic appliances. The performance of the proposed
smart home is testied through computer simulation. Simulation results show that the proposed smart home
system is less affected by the interference and efcient in reducing the energy consumption of the appliances
used in a smart home.
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