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A Collision-Mitigation Cuckoo Hashing Scheme for Large-Scale Storage Systems
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Date : 2017-03-31
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With the rapid growth of the amount of information, cloud computing servers need to process and analyze large amounts of high-dimensional and unstructured data timely and accurately. This usually requires many query operations. Due to simplicity and ease of use, cuckoo hashing schemes have been widely used in real-world cloud-related applications. However, due to the potential hash
collisions, the cuckoo hashing suffers from endless loops and high insertion latency, even high risks of re-construction of entire hash table. In order to address these problems, we propose a cost-efficient cuckoo hashing scheme, called MinCounter. The idea behind MinCounter is to alleviate the occurrence of endless loops in the data insertion by selecting unbusy kicking-out routes. MinCounter selects the cold (infrequently accessed), rather than random, buckets to handle hash collisions. We further improve the concurrency of the MinCounter scheme to pursue higher performance and adapt to concurrent applications. MinCounter has the salient features of
offering efficient insertion and query services and delivering high performance of cloud servers, as well as enhancing the experiences for cloud users. We have implemented MinCounter in a large-scale cloud testbed and examined the performance by using three realworld traces. Extensive experimental results demonstrate the efficacy and efficiency of MinCounter.

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