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Reliable Wireless Communication Technology of Adaptive Channel Diversity (ACD) Method Based on ISA100.11a Standard
By : PhuPT
Date : 2017-05-21
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A method called adaptive channel diversity (ACD), which improves wireless performance in terms of reliability and latency, is proposed. With ACD, the optimum frequency channels are selected on the basis of the amount of dynamic radio interference. ACD was implemented in
two prototype systems operating in the 2.4-GHz industry– science–medical band based on the ISA100.11a standard, namely, time-division multiple access and frequency channel hopping. According to an evaluation of the prototype systems, a 10^−4, packet error rate was achieved within a 1.3-s latency for a 30-terminal star topology and within a 0.85-s latency for a 5-terminal multihop topology. These evaluation results are consistent with the results of simulations based on probabilistic analysis
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