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An efficient medium access control protocol for WSN-UAV
By : Muhammad Rusyadi
Date : 2017-08-16
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Recent advances in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technologies have enhanced Wireless Sensor Net-
works (WSNs) by offering a UAV as a mobile data gathering node. These systems are called WSN-UAV
that are well-suited for remote monitoring and emergency applications. Since previous Medium Access
Control (MAC) protocols proposed in WSNs are not appropriate in the presence of a UAV, few researches
have proposed new MAC protocols to meet WSN-UAV requirements. MAC protocols of WSN-UAV should
be extremely efficient and fair due to the time-limited presence of the UAV in the neighborhood of each
sensor. However, issues such as high throughput in dense networks, fairness among sensors, and effi-
ciency have not been resolved yet in a satisfactory manner. Moreover, previous works lack analytical
evaluation of their protocols. In this paper, we present a novel MAC protocol in WSN-UAV, called Ad-
vanced Prioritized MAC (AP-MAC), that can provide high throughput, fairness, and efficiency, especially
in dense networks. We also analytically evaluate AP-MAC using a 3-dimensional Markov chain and val-
idate its correctness using simulation. Simulation results under various scenarios confirm that AP-MAC
can approximately improve throughput and fairness up to 20% and 25%, respectively, leading to higher
efficiency compared with previous work in WSN-UAV systems such as Prioritized Frame Selection (PFS).
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