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Data Distribution Service (DDS) based implementation of Smart grid devices using ANSI C12.19 standard
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Date : 2017-08-24
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Abstract - Today's power grid has so many challenges in terms of centralized power generation, limited flow of information, limited support for distribution, poor management of peak loads and power disruptions. Due to these limitations several organizations are working on Smart grid. Smart grid consists of numerous kind of heterogeneous devices that increase the complexity and inefficiency. To cope with heterogeneity and provide interoperability among the communication of these devices, middleware is considered to be the best approach. There are so many middlewares that have been proposed so far but Data Distribution Service (DDS) middleware provides high level of reliability and efficiency by addressing more performance metrics and several QoS policies especially in real time and mission critical applications. We have considered Smart grid standard ANSI C12.19 based DDS deployment in transmission and consumption sides. Data structures are obtained for topics formation over RTI Connext to establish communication and to conduct experimental study for the analysis of interoperability and other performance metrics to prove that DDS is better solution for Smart grid data interoperability and high reliability.
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