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SEPFL routing protocol based on fuzzy logic control to extend the lifetime and throughput of the wireless sensor network
By : Muhamamd Royyan
Date : 2017-09-08
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In this paper a new protocol using fuzzy logic control has been proposed. The protocol is based on Stable Election Protocol (SEP). Fuzzy logic control based on three variables, distance of nodes form base station, density of nodes and the battery level of nodes along with the traditional threshold values used in SEP are used to enhance the process of cluster head election in the existing SEP protocol and improve the lifetime and throughput of the Wireless Sensor Network. The result of the simulation which has been done in MATLAB simulator indicates that Stable Election Protocol based on fuzzy logic is more
energy efficient and improves the lifetime and throughput of the network by 73.2 and 68.54 % respectively comparing with the existing SEP protocol.
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