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A Time Fairness-Based MAC Algorithm for Throughput Maximization in 802.11 Networks
By : Muhammad Rusyadi
Date : 2017-09-29
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This paper focuses on designing a distributed medium access control algorithm for fairly sharing network resources among contending stations in an 802.11 wireless network. Because the notion of fairness is not universal and there lacks a rigorous analysis on the relationships among the four types of most popular fairness criteria, we first mathematically prove that there exist certain connections between these types of fairness criteria.We then propose an efficient medium access algorithm that aims at achieving time fairness and throughput enhancement in a fully distributed manner. The core idea of our proposed algorithm lies in that each station needs to select an appropriate contention window size so as to fairly share the channel occupancy time and maximize the throughput under the time fairness constraint. The derivation of the proper contention window size is addressed rigorously. We evaluate the performance of our proposed algorithm through an extensive simulation study, and the evaluation results demonstrate that our proposed algorithm leads to nearly perfect time fairness, high throughput, and low collision overhead.
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