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Internet of animals: characterisation of LoRa sub-GHz off-body wireless channel in dairy barns
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Date : 2018-08-10
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Internet of animals: characterisation of LoRa sub-GHz off-body wireless channel in dairy barns

Advances in wireless sensor technologies and MEMS have made
it possible to automatically monitor the health status of dairy cows
using Internet of things (IoT) and wireless body area networks.
Since on-cow measuring devices are energy constrained, a proper
characterisation of the off-body wireless channel between the on-cow
sensor nodes and the back-end base station is required for an optimised
deployment of these networks in barns. In this Letter, the long
range (LoRa) off-body wireless channel has been characterised at
868 MHz, a typical IoT frequency. Both path loss and temporal
fading were investigated using LoRa motes. Based on this characterisation,
network planning and energy consumption optimisation of the
on-body nodes could be performed, which enables the deployment
of reliable dairy cow monitoring systems.
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