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Healthcare systems integration using Real Time Publish Subscribe (RTPS) middleware
By : So-Hyang
Date : 2018-09-21
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Most of the distributed systems are heterogeneous by nature, where each device is running
on different architecture, platform, and operating system. This heterogeneity significantly
affects the system communication performance in terms of throughput and delay. In realtime
applications, such as healthcare, military, and radar systems, a slight delay can cause
a lot of troubles. Thus, the time factor is very important for those applications where the
human life or a lot of investment is concerned. Recently, the Real-Time Publish Subscribe
(RTPS) middleware has become one of the effective solutions for the real-time distributed
systems problems, due to its proved scalability, reliability, flexibility, and rich set of quality
of service policies. In this paper, we develop a real-time architecture for porting the RTPS
middleware functions into the healthcare systems. Furthermore, we extensively evaluate
the developed system over wired and wireless channels in terms of throughput and delay
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