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Wild Goats Algorithm: An Evolutionary Algorithm to Solve the Real-World Optimization Problems
By : sanjay
Date : 2018-10-05
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Solution of optimization problems is inseparable
part of science and engineering. The close dependence
of industry applications on science and engineering clarifies
need to optimization algorithms for modern industries.
In this paper, the proposition of an evolutionary optimization
algorithm is presented. The proposed algorithm is inspired
from wild goats climbing. The living in the groups and
cooperation between members of groups are main ideas
which have been inspired. Along the procedure of the algorithm,
leaders of groups attract groups other members and
eventually the leader of the biggest group reaches the highest
point of mountain. Besides examining with a number
of benchmark functions, the performance of the algorithm
is gone through by one of the energy systems important
problems, which is known as combined heat and power economic
dispatch (CHPED) problem. The aim of the CHPED
problem is supplying power and heat demand in an economical
manner by conventional thermal units, CHP units,
and heat-only units. The effect of valve-point and transmission
losses is taken into account in order to consider practical
CHPED model. The algorithm is tested on three test
systems and the results show the ability of the algorithm to
converge the optimum values.
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