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Design of Future UAV-Relay Tactical Data Link for Reliable UAV Control and Situational Awareness
By : Si-Wan Kim
Date : 2019-01-03
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Abstract -
Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have recently
been widely used in the military and commercial
domains. UAVs, especially in the military domain,
were initially used for gathering intelligence, surveillance,
and reconnaissance data, and sending
them to a command center. Their use was then
expanded to the tactical level to perform military
operations with manned platforms. Operating
a UAV as a relay node in the air has many
advantages, including coverage, recovery from
disconnection from a relay, clear communication
channel, and easy deployment. Thus, the UAV-Relay
tactical network can support more effective
military operations. However, reliable UAV control
and situational awareness must be guaranteed
for the use of tactical UAVs. In other words, all
tactical nodes must be able to send their location
and status periodically under the dynamic and
unexpected situation of a battlefield. However, a
jamming attack from the enemy can make UAV
control and situational awareness impossible.
Thus, we need a robust tactical data link (TDL)
to guarantee reliable UAV control and situational
awareness under a jamming attack. In this article,
we first explain the requirements for reliable UAV
control and situational awareness. We then design
a future UAV-relay TDL, called link-situational
awareness and control (Link-SAC), which satisfies
the requirements. We also deal with the spectrum
allocation and management of Link-SAC because
Link-SAC requires large bandwidth under the
scarcity of spectrum resource. Thus, we consider
spectrum sharing to allocate an X-Band uplink to
Link-SAC. Based on the interference analysis in a
prior study, we show that spectrum sharing is possible.
We also show how Link-SAC can manage
the spectrum. Lastly, we present our concluding
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