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Dahye Kim - WFCS 2017
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Date : 2017-05-02
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Review 1

The paper discusses a load balancing scheme for multi-controller on SDNs.

Unfortunately, the paper suffers from a serious issue concerning the the level of contribution and delta with respect to the authors' recent paper published in INDIN conference 2016. The INDIN paper is cited in the this paper as [9].

The paper states that "However scheme in [9] is not considering about network traffic of controller. So previous algorithm has weakness to apply on large-scale SDN which has huge traffic on controller. Therefore this paper proposes dynamic and adaptive load balancing algorithm considering high traffic of controller for large-scale SDN."

However, when this paper is compared with [9], almost all material (text, figures, algorithm) appears to be the same. Algorithm 1, which is expected to be main contribution w.r.t. [9], includes only one extra statement (line 1) w.r.t. to the algorithm in [9].

Unfortunately, the reviewer couldnt find sufficient extension with respect to [9] to recommend the acceptance of this paper as a work-in-progress paper. Also, unfortunately, there is no work in progress anywhere in the paper.

Review 2

The paper addresses load balancing, which is a well-known issue. The problem is considered from an SDN point of view.

The novelty of the proposed scheme is not convincingly addressed and demonstrated through simulation/experimentation results.
In addition the relevance to Factory communication is not sufficiently addressed.