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HakHui Choi - WFCS 2017
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Date : 2017-05-02
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Review 1

Paper describes use of WiFi and LoRa for greenhouses. This would be an interesting and relevant Work in Progress. However, the clarity of presentation is insufficient, see the technical comments below. In addition, the English language would have to be corrected, see the (very incomplete) list below.

Technical comments:
1. Section III: SFNS has two external antennae additionally to implement proposed routing algorithm – Not clear how antennas are relevant to routing?
2. WiCR: Is WiCR your new routing algorithm, and the intended main technical contribution of this paper? The description is incomprehensible.
3. Section V: Role of LoRa is unclear. What is being transmitted with LoRa? Note that LoRa has extremely low data rate, compared to WiFi.

4. Delete all And.. (do not start sentences with And.. or with But ...)
5. Replace all session with section
6. p.1: visible form?
7. p.1: data transmission fails -> data transmission failures
8. p.2: It is usual to build -> It is common to build

Review 2

The paper proposes an hybrid wireless had-hoc network technology for greenhouse control, using LoRa and WiFi. The WiFi network inside the greenhouse uses the Wi-Fi Classification based-RSSI protocol to improve the reliability of the communications. The paper mostly describes a real world usage of a control network and it is not clear if this is really a work in progress.

The paper language is poor and apparently the paper does not add much to the state of the art.

The work has its merits but it requires a major upgrade to be considered for publication, furthermore it is not clear if the paper fits within the scope of WFCS.